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    Trade and economic relations with China are a strategically important area for Ukraine. China is the number one in terms of trade turnover among Ukraine’s partners in the world. The potential for cooperation with China is huge in the areas of infrastructure, industry and the agricultural sector. Ukraine’s geographical location is an important factor in finding opportunities in the Ukraine-China-EU triangle.

    Our program “Silk Road of Ukrainian exporters / importers to enter the Chinese market” for Ukrainian producers, provides easy access to new markets outside Ukraine, to penetrate a fertile environment for doing business with China (simplified registration procedure, reduction of administrative burden, etc.). The Program offers a single set of simplified rules and radically minimizes procedures. When developing the Program, the main goal was to make it more coherent and simple to make participation in it as easy as possible, especially for small and medium enterprises.

    Taking into account current trends in economic development and the results of a thorough analysis of the positioning of Ukrainian products on the international market, the goal was formed, priority areas, expected performance indicators of the Program, and a set of measures to obtain positive results. The program is adapted for Ukrainian producers and is supported by the official authorities of China.

    Program Directions:

    1. Improving access to international markets (China);

    2. Bringing the Ukrainian product to the Chinese market;

    3. Legal, accounting support in China;

    4. Business mission to China;

    5. Inspection and quality control of goods and production in China;

    6. Your representative in China;

    7. Marketing research;

    8. Information and consulting.

    Implementation period: The program started in February 2020.

    Since the beginning of the Program opening, the results have been analyzed quarterly and tripartite control over the Program implementation has been carried out. An in-depth analysis of the state of development of the Program is conducted once a year.

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