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    Cooperation in the field of culture creates a basis for dialogue between the two peoples. Ukrainian-Chinese cultural ties play the role of people’s cultural diplomacy in establishing and strengthening friendly relations between the two great powers; give an idea of ​​the unity of our two peoples, show the universal eternal values ​​that are interesting and understandable to every reasonable person. And most importantly – the dialogue of cultures becomes an important element in the spiritual life of both peoples and, no doubt, promotes the establishment, preservation and transmission to future generations of cultural heritage in all its forms, reflecting the experience and desires of mankind in general, thus creating a favorable environment for cultural development and economic ties in all their diversity, fostering a genuine dialogue between cultures and peoples.

    The Ukrainian-Chinese Friendship Association is building a new strategy of cooperation between Ukraine and China on the New Silk Road, in which the priority is spirituality, national consciousness, culture and shaping the worldview of the young generation of both countries – our future!

    The knowledge of each other, acquaintance with the customs, character, interests and goals of your partner – the key to mutual understanding and cooperation. Ukraine and China have a solid foundation for this, which will expand and strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between our two great countries and peoples.

    It is for this noble purpose that the following Projects are created through joint work in culture and education:

    – Taras Shevchenko Museum-Gallery at the Beijing Art Museum was opened on September 23, 2016. As a result, the museum has become a platform for permanent and periodic exhibitions, it represents contemporary Chinese and Ukrainian artists, sculptors and photographers.

    Many Chinese-Ukrainian cultural events have been held in recent years:

    – International project in Ukraine “Ukraine-China, art unites”, which aimed to promote contemporary Ukrainian art in China;

    – The Ukrainian-Chinese Friendship Association became one of the organizers of the International Cultural Project “Interweaving”, which was held on April 20, 2019 with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Consulate General and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine in Shanghai at Shanghai Art Museum Art Experience and Exchange. The best works of masters of contemporary Ukrainian art were presented within the project, manifesting the commonwealth of Ukraine and China, promoting the cultural segment of the Silk Road. The best works of Ukrainian sculptors and artists (Oles Panchyshyn, Valentine Danovsky, Viktor Goryaev, Ruslan Kutnyak and many others) took part in the Project.

    To date, the Ukrainian Friendship Association is developing the following cultural projects:

    • Educational and cultural project “Academy of Chinese Spirituality JUNGO” one of which aims to promote Chinese sports and cultural philosophy, the implementation of which will take place in 2021 (Mariupol, Ukraine);
    • International project “Dialogue of Cultures: Ukraine-China on the Silk Road”, an exhibition of Ukrainian artists in Xi’an scheduled for 2021/22;
    • Creation of the installation “Golden Bridge of the Silk Road”. The idea of ​​the “Golden Bridge” has a thousand-year history, the author of the revival of the great plan was the world-famous Chinese architect Shu Jung. In 2017 he presented his concept at the One Belt – One Road State Forum in Beijing, and the event decided to approve the Golden Bridge as a symbol of the Silk Road member countries. In Kyiv, the management of the Expocenter of Ukraine supported our appeal and kindly agreed to provide space for the light installation of the Golden Bridge of the Silk Road symbolizing 70 countries;
    • Active negotiations are underway to shoot the creation of the first joint Ukrainian-Chinese feature film called “Silk” about the historical connection between Ukraine and China.

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