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Українсько-Китайське асоціація -
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    The founders of the Ukrainian-Chinese Friendship Association began their activities in 2009 as members of the Ukraine-China Business Council at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    In 2013, at the initiative of the Ukrainian-Chinese parties, the Public Union “Ukrainian-Chinese Friendship Association” was founded and officially registered. According to the Law of Ukraine “On Public Associations in Ukraine”, the Ukrainian-Chinese Friendship Association is a non-governmental non-profit self-governing organization that unites legal entities and citizens of Ukraine registered as entrepreneurs on a voluntary basis, as well as their associations.

    The main goal of the organization is to develop friendship, business cooperation, cultural ties, attract investment and deepen the Ukrainian-Chinese dialogue within the project of the New Silk Road initiative “One Belt – One Road” in trade, economic, cultural, humanitarian and educational activities.

    The main tasks of the “Ukrainian-Chinese Friendship Association” are:

    1. Creating favorable conditions for the association of Ukrainian-Chinese friendship activists in order to exchange experiences, realize the economic, creative and scientific potential of the members of the Union;
    2. Implementation of broad cultural exchange and humanitarian cooperation in order to acquaint the public of both countries with achievements in various fields of economy, with various aspects of history, culture and modern life of the peoples of Ukraine and China;
    3. Comprehensive promotion of broad information exchange between people and public associations of Ukraine and China, providing them with consulting services;
    4. Carrying out production and economic activities through established enterprises and self-supporting organizations with the rights of a legal entity to ensure the implementation of statutory tasks;
    5. Attracting investments to support and develop the Union as a consulting, scientific and methodological center, as well as to develop cooperation with public and other structures of Ukraine and foreign countries;
    6. Organization of financing of projects, programs in the field of activity;
    7. Attracting voluntary contributions and sponsorship donations of Ukrainian and foreign enterprises, organizations, citizens in the form of funds and material resources, entrance and membership fees;
    8. Development and implementation of projects and programs aimed at supporting and developing the activities of the Union and its members;
    9. Carrying out charitable events;
    10. Realization of mobilization of financial resources for realization of the statutory purposes;
    11. Establishment of regional branches, affiliates, representative offices, both in Ukraine and abroad;
    12. Providing all possible assistance to Chinese scholars-specialists of non-profit organizations in employment;
    13. Carrying out other activities, including foreign economic, in the manner prescribed by applicable law and aimed at achieving statutory objectives;
    14. Carrying out production and economic activities through the relevant enterprises and self-supporting organizations that have the rights of legal entities to ensure the implementation of the statutory tasks of the Union.

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